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1. Holy Prophet was born in 571 A.D 22nd April ( Day  Monday).
2. Father’s name, Hazat Abdullah.
3. Mother’s Name, Hazrat Amna.
4. Maternal Grand Father’s name Wahib bins Abdul Munnaf.
5. Maternal Grandmother, Batarah.
6. Real name of Abdu Mutalib was Shaba.
7. Grandmother name, Fatima.
8. 10 is the number of Uncles and 6 aunts.
9. Prophet journeyed to Syria with Abu Talib at 12 years.
10. At 25 Prophet married to Hazrat Khadija.
11. Hazrat Khadija accepted Islam first in Women and in all.
12. Hazrat Abu Bakar accepted first in Men.
13. Hazrat Ali accepted first in Children.
14. Varqa Bin Naufal verified Prophet for the first time.
15. Holy prophet had 4 daughters and 3 sons.
16. At age of 40 holy Prophet received first Wahi.
17. In 622 A.D Holy Prophet migrated to madina.
18. Hazrat Haleema was the foster mother of Holy Prophet.
19. Besides Hazrat Haleema (RA) Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that Umme-e-Aemon is also my mother.
20. Name the foster mother(s) of the Holy Prophet (SAW)– Hazrat Halema (RA), Hazrat Sobia (RA) and Hazrat Khola (RA)
21. How many years after the birth of Holy Prophet (SAW), Hazrat Aamina died? Six years
22. Sheema was the foster sister of Holy Prophet.
23. Hazrat Haleema looked after the holy prophet for 4 years.
24. 35 was the age at the time of Hajr-i-Aswad incident.
25. Hazrat Bilal Habshi was the first slave to accept Islam.
26. Wife of Abu Lahab used to spread throne in the way of prophet in 4th year of prophethood.
27. Home of Hazrat Arqam (RA) used as the centre of secret preaching by the holy prophet.
28. In 7th Nabvi boycott of Banu Hashim began.
29. Hazrat Adam met with Holy Prophet on the first heaven.
30. Hazrat Isa and Hazrat Yahya on 2nd.
31. Hazrat Yaqub on 3rd.
32. Hazrat Idrees on 4th.
33. Hazrat Harron on 5th.
34. Hazrat Musa on 6th.
35. Hazrat Ibraheem on 7th.
36. Al-Kaswa is the name of Camel on which prophet traveled.
37. Prophet purchased mosque land at medina from two orphans (Sehl and Sohail).
38. Charter of Madina was issued on 1 A.H it had 57 Articles.
39. Transfer of Qibla was ordered in 2nd A.H (18 month).
40. 27 total no of Ghazwas.
41. First Ghazwah of Islam was Widan (Abwa), fought in 12th month of First Hijrah.
42. Jang Badr occurred in 2 A.H. 313 Muslims fought in battle.
43. No of Hadith Collected by Abu Huraira (RA) 5374.
44. Prophet hazrat Noah (AS) known as Shaikh al Anbiya
45. Aby Ubaiduh Bin Jiirrah was entitled Ameen-ul Ummat.
46. Hazrat Umar proposed Azan for the first time.
47. The dome over the sacred Grave of the holy prophet is known as Gumbad-e-Khizra.
48. Baitul Mamur is a place where seventy thousand angles were circumambulation during the Holy Ascension.
49. Baitul Mamoor is on 7th Heaven.
50. 4 kings accepted Islam when holy prophet sent them letters.
51. Mosque of Zarar was demolished by prophet.
52. Hazrat Ali Conquered the fort of Qamus.
53. Lady named Zainab tried to poison the Holy Prophet.
54. Prophet recited surah Al-Fatha at the conquest of Makkah .
55. Hashim was grand father of prophet & brother of Muttalib.
56. The name Muhamammad was proposed by Abdul Muttalib while the name
57. Ahmed was proposed by Bibi Aminah.
58. Migration from Mecca to Abyssinia took place in the 7th month of the 5th year of the mission
i.e 615 A.d. The total number of migrated people was 15 (11 men and 4 women).
59. Second migration to Habshah took place in 616 A.D.
60. Second migration to Abyssinia 101 people with 18 females.
61. After Amina’s death, Ummay Aimen looked after Prophet.
62. After Harb-e-Fajjar, Prophet took part in Halaf-ul-Fazul.
63. Prophet made second business trip to Syria in 24th year of elephant.
64. Friend of Khadija Nafeesa carried message of Nikah.
65. Surname of Haleema Sadia was Ummay Kabtah.
66. Surname of Prophet was Abu-ul-Qasim.
67. Da’ia of the Prophet was Shifa who was mother of Abdul Rehman bin Auf.
68. Abdul Mutalib died in 579 A.D.
69. Masaira a slave of Khadija accompanied Prophet to Syria.
70. First forster mother was Sobia who was mother of Hamza.
71. For six years Haleema took care of Prophet.
72. For two years Abdul Mutalib took care of Prophet.
73. After 7 days the Aqeeqa ceremony of Prophet was held.
74. Prophet belonged to Banu Hashim clan of Quraish tribe.
75. Among uncles Abbas & Hamza embraced Islam.
76. Amina was buried at Abwa b/w Makkah & Madina.
77. Six months before the Prophet’s birth his father died.
78. Prophet had no brother and no sister.
79. Foster father of Prophet was Haris.
80. At the age of 15, Herb-e-Fajjar took place.
81. Herb-e-Fajjar means war fought in the probihited months.
82. First father-in-law of Prophet was Khawalid.
83. Aamina belonged to Bani Zohra tribe.
84. Umar and Hamza accepted Islam in 615 A.d (5th Nabvi).
85. Social boycott of Banu Hashim took place in 7th Nabvi.
86. Shi’b means valley.
87. Social boycott continued for 3 years.
88. A group of Madina met Prophet in 11th Nabvi.
89. Accord of Uqba took place in 13th Nabvi.
90. On 27th Rajab, 10 Nabvi the event of Miraj took place.
91. 10th Nabvi was called Aam-ul-Hazan (year of grief).
92. Name of the camel on which Prophet was riding in migration was Qaswa.
93. Omaar bin Hisham was the original name of Abu Jehl.
94. Abu-al-Hikm is the title of Abu Jehl.
95. Persons included in Bait-e-Uqba Oola 12 and in Bait-e-Uqba Sani 75.
96. Cave of Hira is 3 miles from Makkah.
97. Hijra took place in 13th Nabvi.
98. Medina is 338 Km from Makkah. (210 miles)
99. Makkah conquest occurred in 8th year of Hijra.
100. Prophet performed Hajj in 10th Hija.
101. Prophet was buried in the hujra of Ayesha.
102. Prophet was born in 1st Year of Elephant.
103. Ambassadors sent to Arab& other countries in 7th Hijra.
104. King of Iran tore away the message of Prophet.
105. King of Byzantine in 7th Hijra was Hercules.
106. After 6 years of the birth of Holy prophet Bibi Aamna died.
107. After 8 years of the birth of Prophet Abdul Muttalib died.
108. Holy Prophet demised at the age of 63.
109. First Azan was called out in 1 A.H.
110. Bahira Syrian Christian saint recognized prophet as last prophet.
111. Harb-i-Fajjar was a war fought b/w Quraish and Bani Hawazin Prophet was of 15 years and participated in it.
112. Prophet visited Taif in 10th Nabvi.
113. Tribe of Taif was Saqaif.
114. Prophet with Zaid bin Haris went Taif & stayed for 10 days.
115. Bibi Amna suckled Prophet for 3 days.
116. After 18 month at Madina of change of Qibla occurred.
117. Old name of Zu Qiblatain is Banu Saleem.
118. Cave of Hira is in Jabal-e-Noor Mountain.
119. At Masjid Al Khaif (Mina) almost 70 prophets are buried.
120. Month of migration was Rabiul Awal
121. Qiblah now-a-days is called Khana-e-Kaba.
122. Prophet addressed Khutba-e-Jum’aa for first time in 1st Hijra
123. Year of Deputation is 9th Hijrah.
124. Moawakhat (the brotherhood) took place in 2nd Hijra.
125. Jehad was allowed in 2nd Hijrah.
126. Ashaab-e-Sufah: Muhajirs who stayed near Masjid-e-Nabvi.
127. Hurrirah means a cat.
128. Bait-e-Rizwan took place in 6th Hijrah.
129. Jewish tribe of Banu Nuzair expelled from Madina in 4th H.
130. Bait-e-Rizwan is also known as Bait-e-Shajra made under Keekar tree.
131. Companions of Prophet at Hudabiya were 1400.
132. Prophet stayed at Makkah for 15 days after its conquest.
133. 1 Lac companions accompanied Prophet at last Hajj.
134. Prophet spent his last days in Ayesha’s house.
135. Cave of Soar is located near Makkah 5 miles.
136. Quba is 3 miles away from Madina.
137. In sixth year of Hijrah, Prophet intended for Umrah.
138. Prophet stayed in Ayyub Ansari’s house for 7 months.
139. Prophet performed Umrah in 7th A.H.
140. Zaid Bin Haris (R.A) was the adopted son of the Holy Prophet.
141. Year 570 known as year of Elephant or Amal Fil.
142. Hazrat Khadija and Hazrat Abu Talib died in 619.
143. First place from where Prophet openly started his preaching Jabl Faran or Mount Safa.
144. Prophet did covert messaging at House of Arkam upto 3 Nabvi. (i.e for 3 years)
145. Prophet preached openly in 4th Nabvi.
146. Prophet narrated the event of Miraj first of all to Umm-e-Hani (real sister of Ali)
147. Prophet was staying at the house of Umme-e-Hani on the night of Miraj.
148. In miraj Prophet traveled from Baitul Muqadas to Sidratul Mantaha.
149. During Hijrat Saraqa bin Sajjal spied.
150. In Miraj Jibrael called Aazan in Baitul Muqadas.
151. Prophet led all the prophets in a prayer in miraj at al-Aqsa
152. Fatima died after 6 Months (age=31,11 A.H) Prophet.
153. Youngest daughter Fatima.
154. Islamic official seal started on 1st Muharram, 7 A.H
155. Seal of Prophet was made of Silver.
156. What was written on the Holy Prophet (SAW) seal?
157. Prophet performed 1(in10 A.H) Hajj and 4(in7 A.H) umras.
158. Change of Qibla occurred on 15 Shaban,2 A.H(Monday)(during Zuhr)
159. Construction of Masjid-e-Nabvi started Rabiulawal, 1 A.H.
160. Namaz-e-Juma became Farz in Medina.
161. First man to embrace Islam on the eve of Fatah-e-Makka was Abu Sufyan.
162. First to migrate to Madina (first muhajir) Abu Salam.
163. Last to migrate to Madina was Abbas.
164. First non-arab to embrace Islam Farwah bin Umro
165. Facsimile of the Prophet Mus’ab bin Umair.
166. Kalsoom bin al_Hadam gave land for Quba mosque
167. The title of ammenul ummat is of Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah.(conqurer of
168. Damascus)
169. The day when Prophet delivered his last Khutab was Juma.
170. Idols in Kaba before Islam numbered 360.
171. The largest idol named Habal.
172. Bilal called first aazan of Fajr prayer.
173. The Hadith, which is transmitted with continuity and enjoys such abundance of narrators that their statement becomes authentic, is called Matwatar.
174. The grave of the Prophet was prepared by Hazrat Abu Talha
175. Qasim was first of the Holy Prophet’s children to be born.
176. The first Namaz-e-Janazah performed by Rasoolullah was that of Asad bin Zaraara (radi Allahu anhu).
177. The first Namaaz to be made Fardh was Tahajjud Namaaz, which was later made
178. Nafil.
179. At Masjid-e-Nabvi first Muslim University was established.
180. Holy prophet labored in the formation of Masjid-e-Quba.
181. Masjid-e-Zarar was built by Hyporcrites at Madina.
182. 25 Doors are in Masjid –e-Haram, the most important door of Kaaba is Babul Salam.
183. The flag colour of the Holy Prophet was white and yellow at the time of conquest of Makkah.
184. Friday is known as Sayeed Ul Ayam.
185. Shab-e-Barat is celebrated on the 15th night of Shuban.
186. The camel driver of Prophet at the fall of Mecca was Usama bin Zaid bin Haris.
187. Prophet issued order of killing Abdul Uza bin Khatal at the fall of Mecca.
188. At Koh-e-Safa, Prophet addressed after conquest of Makkah.
189. Zainab bint Khazeema is known as Ummal Masakeen.
190. Abu Bakar gave the collection of Quran to Hazrat Hafsa.
191. Khadija died on the tenth of Ramadan 10 Nabvi.
192. Khadija was buried in Hujun above Makka
193. In the Cottage of Hazrat Ayesha, prophet spent his last days.
194. Khadija died at 65 years age.
195. Last wife of Prophet Um Maimoona.
196. Khadija belonged to the tribe of Banu Asad.
197. First woman to lead an Islamic army Ayesha (Jange Jamal)
198. Ayesha narrated maximum number of ahadith.
199. The second wife named Sauda.
200. Zainub bint Jaish (Surah Ahzab) was married to the Prophet though Allah’s revelation
or will.
201. Daughter of Umer who married to Prophet was Hafsa.
202. Hazrat Khadija was the first person to read Namaz amongst the Ummah of the Prophet.
203. Umm-e-Salma was alive at Karbala tragedy. She was the last of the wives of Prophet to die.
204. Ummul Momineen Ummay Habiba was daughter of Abu Sufyan.
205. Ummul Momineen Ummay Habiba migrated to Abyssinia and Madina as well.
206. Ummul Momineen Hazrat Safia was the progeny of Hazrat Haroon.
207. Hazrat Maria Qibtiya gave birth to Hazrat Ibrahim, son of Prophet.
208. Hazrat Khadija was buried at Jannat-e-Moalla in Macca.
209. Najashi was the king through which Prophet married to Ummay Habiba.
210. The Umm-ul-Momineen Javeria’s actual name was Barrah.
211. Hazrat Khadija received salutation from Allah.
212. Third wife of Prophet was Hazrat Ayesha.
213. Sauda said about Ayesha “My soul might be in her body”
214. Hazrat Khadija was the only Ummul Momineen who was not buried in Jannatul Baqi.
215. Prophet not offered funeral prayer of Khadija due to Allah’s will.
216. Ayesha is called Al-Tayyabeen.
217. Hazrat Ruqia died on the day of the victory of battle of Badr she was the wife of Usman.
218. After Ruqia’s death Ummay Kalsoom married Usman.
219. Qasim was born in 11 years before Prophethood.
220. Hassan is known as Shabbar which means handsome.
221. For 14 months Hasan remained Khalifa.
222. Hasan is buried at Jannat-ul-Baq’ee.
223. Eldest son of the Prophet Qasim.
224. Third son-in-law of Prophet was Abul A’as.
225. Hazrat Asad died first among the Sahabah.
226. Hamza & Hussain are known as leader of Martyrs.
227. Hazrat Usman Bin Talha was the Key holder of Kaaba.
228. Hazrat Saad bin Ubi waqas conquered Persia firstly.
229. Qabeela bin Qais is known as cup bearer of Zam Zam.
230. Abbas was instrumental in bringing abu Sufiyan in Islam.
231. Periods of Caliphs
232. Abu Bakar 632-634
233. Hazrat Umar 634-644
234. Hazrat Usman 644-656
235. Hazrat Ali 656-661
236. Abu Bakar 2y 3m
237. Hazrat Umar 10y 5m 21d.
238. Hazrat Usman 12y.
239. Hazrat Ali 4y 9m.
240. Hazrat Abu Bakar was the merchant of cloth.
241. Real name of Hazrat Abu Bakar was Abdullah (befor Islam- Abdul Kaba).
242. Apostasy movement took place in the khilafat of Abu Bakar.
243. Hazrat Abu Bakar died in 22nd of Jamadi-us-Sani 13 AH.
244. Abu Lulu Feroz, the slave martyred Hazrat Umar Farooq.
245. Hazrat Umar Farooq was martyred on 1st Muharram 24 A.H.
246. Hazrat Umar introduced Hijra Calender.
247. Hazat Usman is known as Zul Noorain because he wedded with two daughters of
248. Prophet: Rukya+Umme Qulsoom.
249. Usman accepted Islam at the instigation of Abu Bakar.
250. Asadullah & Haider-e-Karar were the epithets of Hazrat Ali.
251. Ali married Fatima in 2nd Hijra.
252. Hazrat Ali was born at Khane-e-Kaaba.
253. Hazrat Ali was martyred on 21st Ramzan 40 A.H.
254. In Ghazwa Uhad Hazrat Ali was awarded with Zulifqar.
255. Hazrat Umer accepted islam in 616 A.D.
256. Hazrat Umar established the office of Qazi.
257. Hazrat Umar added As Salato Khairum Min Noum.
258. Usman migrated to Habsha
259. Hazat Usman participated in all battles except Badr.
260. In the reign of Usman, Muwaviah established naval fleet.
261. Only sahabi without seeing Prophet Awais Karni.
262. Umar levied zakat on horses.
263. Ali lifted zakat on horses.
264. Abu Bakr had knowledge of dreams.
265. Usman added 2nd Azan for Friday prayers.
266. Atique is the title of Hazrat Abu Bakr.
267. Hazrat Umar established Department of Police.
268. Hazrat Umar formed a parliament, namely Majlis-e-Aam.
269. Ghani was the title of Hazrat Usman (RA).
270. Hazrat Ali has the title the gateway to knowledge.
271. Hazrat Ali is buried at Najaf.
272. Amer bin Aas embraced Islam in 7th Hijra.
273. Khalild bin Waleed embraced Islam in 7th Hijra.
274. First Moazin of Islam, Hazrat Bilal.
275. The home of Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansaari was the first place where the Prophet stayed in Madina Shareef.
276. The first person sent to spread Islam under the instructions of the Prophet was
277. Mus’ab bin Umair who was sent to Madinah.
278. The first person to make Ijtihaad was Abu Bakr Siddique
279. Hazrat Abu Zirr Ghaffari is known as the first Dervish.
280. Abdullah ibn Maz’oom:first person buried in Jannatul Baqi.
281. Hazrat Umar was the first person to perform Janazah Salat in Jamaat with four
282. Takbeers.
283. First census of Islamic world in Umer’s period.
284. The first person to become murtad (out of the folds of Islam) was either Muqees bin Khubaaba or Ubaidullah bin Jahash.
285. Salah-udin Ayubi conquered Bait ul Muqadas.
286. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is buried at Baghdad.
287. Shah Jahan Mosque is at Thatta.
288. Jibraeel will be first person questioned on Day of Qiyamat.
289. From amongst the animals, the first animal to be brought back to life will be the
290. Buraaq of Prophet Muhammad.
291. The first Ibaadat on earth was Tauba (repentance).
292. The first Mujaddid of Islam is Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz.
293. First book of Hadith compiled was Muata by Imam Malik.
294. Mosque of Prophet was damaged due to fire in the reign of Motasim Billah.
295. Jamia mosque of Damascus was built by Walid bin Malik.
296. Umm-us-Saheehain is Imam Malik: Mauta.
297. Mohd: bin Ismael Bukhari comprised of 4,000 hadiths
298. Bukhari Sharif & Muslim Sharif are called Sahihain.
299. Imam Tirmazy was a student of Abu Dawood.
300. Kitab-ul-Kharaj was written by Imam Abu Yousuf.
301. Mahmood Ghaznavi called kidnapper of scholars.
302. Mullana Nizam-ud-Din founded the school of Dars-e-Nizamia.
303. Baqee Billah revolted against Akbar’s deen-e-Ilahi firstly.
304. Shaikh Ahmed Sirhandi was given the title of Mujadid alf Sani by Mullana Abdul Hakeem.
305. Baba Fareed Ganj Shakr married to the daughter of Balban.
306. Kalima Tayyaiba is mentioned in Quran for 2 times.
307. The word Quran means “read one”.
308. 114 total number of Surah
309. Surah means city of Refuge.
310. 86 Makki Surah.
311. 28 Madine Surah.
312. 558 Rukus.
313. Al-Baqrah is the longest Surah.
314. Al- Kausar is the shortest Surah.
315. Al-Nass is the last surah.
316. 14 bows are in Quran.
317. First bow occurs in 9th Para i.e Al-Inaam Surah.
318. Al-Faitha is the preface of the holy Quran.
319. Five verses were reveled in the first wahy.
320. Namaz commanded in quran for 700 times.
321. Al-Mudassar-2nd Revealed Surah.
322. Al-Muzammil- 3rd Revealed Surah.
323. Al-Tauba does not start with Bismillah.
324. Al-Namal contains two Bismillahs.
325. Three surah starts with curse.
326. 6666 is the number of Ayats.
327. 29 total number of Mukata’t.
328. Hazrat Usman was the first Hafiz of the Holy Quran.
329. Hazrat Khalid Bin Saeed, the first writer of Wahy.
330. 12 Ghazawahs described in Holy Quran (total 27).
331. Abdullah Ibn Abbas, the first commentator of the Quran and also known as interpreter of the Quran.
332. In surah Al-Saf, Hoy prophet is addressed as Ahmed.
333. Ghar-e-Sor is mentioned in Surah Al-Tauba.
334. 5 Surhas start with Qul.
335. Hazrat Umar proposed the compilation of Holy Quran.
336. Al- Nasr is known as Surah Widah.
337. Abdul Malik Marwan applied the dots in the Holy Quran.
338. Hajjaj bin yousuf applied diacritical points in Quaran.
339. 37 total number of surah in last parah.
340. Al- Baqrah and Surah Al-Nissa is spread over 3 Parahs.
341. Al-Falq and Al-Nas revealed at the same time.
342. City of Rome is mentioned in Holy Quran.
343. Surah Yaseen is known as Heart of Quran.
344. Suran Rehman is known as beauty of Quran.
345. First revealed surah was Al Alaq, 96 in arrangement
346. Complete revelation in 23 years.
347. Subject of Holy Quran is human.
348. Risalat means to convey message.
349. 26 prophets mentioned in holy Quran.
350. Holy Quran consist 105684 words and 3236700 letters.
351. Longest Ayat of Holy Quran is Ayatul Kursi.
352. 6 Surah start with the name of prophets.
353. Surah maryam wholly revealed for a woman.
354. In Bani Israeel and Al-Najaf the event of Miraj is explained.
355. Last revelation descended on 3rd Rabi-ul Awal and it was written by Abi- Bin Kab.
356. Language of Divine Books.
357. Taurat Hebrew
358. Injil Siriac
359. Zubur Siriac
360. Holy Quran Arabic.
361. Taurat was the first revealed book.
362. Holy Quran was reveled in 22y 5m 14 days.
363. There are 7 stages in Holy Quran.
364. Abdullah Ibn Abbas is called as leader of commentators.
365. Apollo 15 placed the copy of the Holy Quran on the moon.
366. Tarjama-ul-Quaran is written by Abdul-Kalam Azad.
367. First Muslim interpreter of Quran in English is Khalifa Abdul Hakeem.
368. Shah Waliullah Translated Holy Quran in Persian and Shah Rafiuddin in Urdu in1776.
369. Hafiz Lakhvi translated Holy Quran in Punjabi.
370. Surah Alaq was revealed on 18th Ramzan.
371. Number of Aayats in al-Bakar is 286.
372. Longest Makki Surah is Aaraf.
373. Second longest Surah is Ashrah/Al-Imran.
374. Surah Kausar has 3 Aayats.
375. First Surah compilation wise is Surah Fatiha.
376. Fatiha means opening.
377. Fatiha contains 7 aayats.
378. Fatiha is also called Ummul Kitab.
379. First surah revealed in Madina was surah Fatiha.
380. Surah Fatiha revealed twice-in Makkah & Madina.
381. Angles mentioned in Quran are7.
382. Meaning of Aayat is Sign.
383. Stone mentioned in Quran is ruby (Yaakut).
384. Longest Surah (al-Bakr) covers 1/12th of Quran.
385. Madni Surahs are generally longer.
386. Madni Surahs consist of1/3rd of Quran.
387. Makki Surahs consist of2/3rd of Quran.
388. Surah Ikhlas is 112 Surah of Quran.
389. First complete Madni Surah is Baqarah.
390. Names of Quran mentioned in Quran is 55.
391. Surahs named after animals are 4 in number.
392. Namal means Ant.
393. Surah Inaam means Camel.
394. Surah Nahl means Honey bee.
395. Surah Ankaboot means spider.
396. The major part of Quran is revealed at night time.
397. Generally, aayats of Sajida occur in Makki Surahs.
398. 10 virtues are blessed for recitation of one word of Quran.
399. Surah Anfal means Cave.
400. In Naml two bismillah occur (2nds one is at aayat no:30)
401. Surah Kahf means the cave.
402. Muzammil means Wrapped in garments.
403. Kausar means Abundance.
404. Nasr means Help.
405. Ikhlas means Purity of faith.
406. Falak means Dawn.
407. Un-Nass means Mankind.
408. Al-alq means Clot of blood.
409. Alm Nashrah means Expansion.
410. Uz-zukhruf means Ornaments.
411. Surah Rahman is in 27th Para.
412. Bride of Quran is Rahman Surah.
413. Surah Yasin is in 22nd and 23rd Para.
414. Present shape of quran is Taufeeqi.
415. Quran is the greatest miracle of Prophet.
416. Word surah has occurred in Quran 9 times.
417. First seven aayats of quran are called Tawwal.
418. The alphabet Alf comes most of times and Alf, Zuwad Alphabet comes least number of times.
419. Quran is written in Prose & Poetry.
420. Quran is also regarded as a manual of Science.
421. Surah Alq is both Makki and Madni.
422. Name of Muhammad is mentioned in Quran for 4 times.
423. Adam is mentioned in Surah Aaraf.
424. first Sindhi translation of Quran by Aakhund Azizullah Halai
425. Torat means light.
426. Zaboor means Pieces/ Book written in big letters.
427. Injeel means Good news.
428. 99 number of aayats describe Khatam-e- Nabuwat.
429. Command against Juva & amputation of hands came 8th A.H
430. Laws about orphanage revealed in 3 A.H.
431. Laws about Zina revealed in 5 A.H.
432. Laws about inheritance revealed in 3 A.H.
433. In 4th A.H wine was prohibited.
434. The order of Hijab for women reveled in 4th A.H.
435. Ablution made obligatory in 5th A.H.
436. In Surah Al-Nisa the commandment of Wuzu is present.
437. Procedure of ablution is present in Surah Maidah.
438. In 4 A.H Tayammum was granted.
439. Interest was prohibited in 8th A.H.
440. During ghazwa Banu Mustaliq the command of tayamum was reveled.
441. Quran recited in Medina firstly in the mosque Nabuzdeeq.
442. Quran verse abrogating a previous order is called Naasikh.
443. First man to recite Quran in Makkah: Abdullah bin Masood.
444. Forms of revelation granted to Prophet were 3 (wahi,Kashf,dream)
445. First method of revelation of Quran Wahi.
446. Kashf means Vision.
447. Initially Quran was preserved in memory form.
448. After Umar’s death, copy of quran was passed on to Hafsa.
449. Only Sahabi mentioned in Quran Zaid bin Haris.(surah ahzab)
450. Paradise is mentioned in Quran for150 times.
451. Section of Paradise in which Prophets will dwell Mahmood.
452. Doors of Hell are 7.
453. Subterranean part of hell is Hawia.
454. Number of angles of hell 19.
455. Gate-keeper of hell Malik.
456. Gate-keeper of heaven Rizwan.
457. Place of heaven at which people whose good deeds equal bad deeds will be kept in Aaraf.
458. A tree in hell emerging from its base is Zakoon.
459. Name of the mountain of hell is Saud.
460. Heaven on earth was built by Shadad.
461. The word Islam has been used at 92 places in the holy quran.
462. Except the name of Maryam the name of no other woman has come explicitly in the Quran.
463. Iblees will not be punished with fire but with cold.
464. Iblees’s refusal to prostrate before man is mentioned in Quran for 9 times.
465. Iblees means “disappointed one”.
466. Al-Kausar relates to death of Qasim and Hazrat Abdullah
467. If a woman marries the second time, she will be in Jannah with the second husband. (Hadith)
468. The Earth and the Heaven were created by Allah in 6 days, it is described in
469. Surah Yunus.
470. Zaid bin Thabit collected the Quran in the form of Book.
471. Tarjumanul Quran is called Abdullah bin Abbas.
472. In Surah Muzzamil verse 73 reading quran slowly and clearly is ordained.
473. Jibraeel is referred in Quran as Ar-rooh.
474. In Quran Rooh-al-Qudus is Jibrael it means holy spirit.
475. In Quran Rooh-al-Ameen is Jibrael.
476. Incharge of Provisions is Mekaeel.
477. The angel who was sent to Prophets as a helper against enemies of Allah was
478. Jibraeel.
479. The Angel who sometimes carried Allah’s punishment for His disobedients was Jibraeel.
480. Jibrael is mentioned in Quran for three times.
481. Old Testament is the Torait.
482. New Testament is Injeel.
483. Psalms is Zuboor.
484. Gospal is Injeel.
485. Prophet is called Farqaleet in Injeel.
486. Taharat-e-Sughra is Wuzu.
487. There are two types of Farz.
488. Saloos-ul-Quran is Surah Ikhlas.
489. Aroos-ul-Quran i.e bride of Quran is Al-Rehman.
490. Meaning of Baqarah: The Goat
491. In Surah Waqiya the word Al-Quran ul Hakeem is used.
492. Surah Baqara & Ale Imran are known as Zuhraveen.
493. Wine is termed in Quran as Khumar.
494. The first authority for the compilation of Ahadis is .
495. Sahih Bukhari contains 7397 ahadis.
496. Adam was created on Juma day.
497. Adam landed in Sri Lanka on Adam’s Peak Mountain.
498. Adam is a word of Syriani language.
499. Adam had 2 daughters and 3 sons.
500. Kabeel killed Habeel because he wanted to marry Akleema.
501. The first person to be put into Hell will be Qaabil.
502. Sheesh was youngest son of Adam.
503. Age of Adam at Sheesh’s birth was 130 years.
504. Adam walked from India to Makkah and performed forty Hajj.
505. Adam knew 100 000 languages. (Roohul Bayaan)
506. Abul Basher is called to Hazrat Adam.
507. Hazrat Adam built first mosque on earth.
508. Height of Adam was 90 feet.
509. Age of Adam at the time of his death 950 years.
510. Hazrat Adam’s grave is in Saudi Arabia.
511. Second prophet is Sheesh.
512. Sheesh passed away at the age of 912 years.
513. Noah got prophethood at the age of 40
514. Noah’s ark was 400 x 100 yards area.
515. Ark of Noah stopped at Judi Mountain (Turkey).
516. Noah preached for 950 years.
517. Nation of Noah worshipped 5 idols.
518. Nation of Noah was exterminated through the flood.
519. Pigeon was sent for the search of land by Hazrat Nooh.
520. Noah was sent to Iraq.
521. 2242 years after Adam, Toofan-e-Noah occurred.
522. About 80 people were with him in the boat.
523. Duration of storm of Noah was for 6 months.
524. Noah lived for 950 years.
525. Nooh is called predecessor, Naji Ullah; Shaikh ul Ambiya.
526. Abu ul Bashr Sani is title of Noah.
527. After toofan-e-nooh , the city establish was Khasran
528. Ibrahim was thrown into the fire by the order of Namrud.
529. Hazrat Ibraheem intended to sacrifice Ismaeel at Mina.
530. Ibrahim was born at Amer near Euphrate (Iraq)
531. Ibraheem was firstly ordered to migrate to Palestine.
532. First wife of Ibraheem was Saarah.
533. Second wife of Ibraheem was Haajirah.
534. Azaab of mosquitoes was sent to the nation of Ibrahim
535. Abraham is called khalilullah, father of prophets and Idol Destroyer.
536. Age of Abraham at the time of his death 175 years.
537. Ibrahim is buried at Hebron in Jerusalem.
538. Abrahem invented comb.
539. Hazrat Loot was contemporary of Hazarat Ibraheem
540. Abraham remained in fire 40 days.
541. Terah or Aazer was the father of Ibraheem.
542. Grave of Lut is in Iraq.
543. Luut died at Palestine and is buried at Hebron.
544. Ibraheem was the uncle of Luut.
545. Loot was maternal grandfather of Ayub.
546. Luut resided at Ur near Mesopotamia.
547. Ismaeel is called Abu-al-Arab.
548. Mother of Ismaeel was Haajrah.
549. Ishaaq built boundaries of Masjid-e-Aqsaa.
550. Ishaaq was sent to Jews.
551. At Muqam-e-Ibraheem, there are imprints of Ibraheem.
552. Ibrahim was first person to circumcise himself and his son.
553. Hajra the wife of Ibrahim was daughter of Pharoah of Egypt.
554. Ibrahim was 86 years old when Ismael was born.
555. Ibrahim was ordered to migrate along with family to valley of Batha meaning Makkah.
556. Ibrahim was sent to Jordan after leaving Haajrah and Ismaeel
557. Age of Ibraheem at the birth of Ishaq was 100 years and of Saarah was 90 years.
558. First wife of Ibrahim resided at Palestine.
559. Ibrahim intended to sacrifice Ismaeel at Mina on 10th Zul Hajj.
560. As a result of sacrifice of Ismael, Ibrahim was gifted a baby from Saarah named Ishaq.
561. Zam Zam emerged from beneath the foot of Hazrat Ismaeel in the valley of Batha (Makkah).
562. Hazrat Ismail discovered Hajar-e-Aswad.
563. Zabeeullah and Abu al Arab are called to Hazrat Ismaeel.
564. Ismael divorced his wife being discourteous.
565. Jibrael brought sacred stone to Ismael.
566. Original colour of the sacred stone was white.
567. Hazrat Idress was expert in astronomy.
568. Uzair became alive after remaining dead for one hundred years.
569. Hazrat Yaqub has the title of Israel
570. 1 Lac 24 thousand- total number of prophets.
571. Hazrat Idrees was the first who learnt to write.
572. How many Sahifay were revealed to Hazrat Idrees (AS)? 30
573. Prophet Yahya A.S was sent to people of Jordan.
574. Hazrat Idrees (A.S) set up 180 cities.
575. Hazrat Dawood could mould iron easily with his hand.
576. The event of ring is related to Hazrat Sulaiman.
577. Hazarat Moosa(A.S) had impediment in his tongue
578. Moosa was granted 9 miracles.
579. Musa crossed the Red Sea.
580. The prophet mentioned in Quran for most of times is Moosa.
581. Ten commandments were revealed on Moosa.
582. Moosa died on Abareem mountain.
583. Grave of Musa is in Israel.
584. Teacher of Moosa was Shoaib.
585. Moosa was brought up by Aasia Bint Mozahim.
586. Elder brother of Moosa was Haroon.
587. Moosa had only one brother.
588. In Toowa valley Moosa was granted prophethood.
589. An Egyptian was killed by Moosa.
590. Haroon was an eloquent speaker.
591. Haroon is buried at Ohad.
592. Haroon & Musa both were prophets and contemporaries.
593. Hazrat Ayub was famous for his patience.
594. The miracle of Dromedary (camel) is concerned with Saleh
595. 4 prophets were sent to Bani Israeel.
596. 722 languages were understood by Hazrat Idrees.
597. Hazrat Saleh invented Soap.
598. Kalori: hill, from where Isa was lifted alive.
599. Zikraiya was carpenter.
600. Harzat Zikraiya was cut with the Saw.
601. Adam & Dawood are addressed as Khalifa in Quran. 602. Sulaiman & Dawood understood language of the birds. 603. The tree of date palm grew on the earth for the first time.
604. Prophets attached with the profession of weaving are Adam, Idrees & Shaeet. 605. Hazrat younus was eaten by shark fish.
606. Younus prayed LAILAH ANTA SUBHANAK INI KUNTUM MINAZALIMIN in the belly of fish. 607. Grave of Dawood is in Israel.
608. Yahya’s tomb is in Damascus.
609. Bilal Habshi is buried in Damascus.
610. Prophet with melodious voice Dawood.

611. Alive prophets are Isa & Khizr.
612. Zunoon (lord of fish) & Sahibul Hoot : Younus.
613. The prophet whose people were last to suffer divine punishment Saleh.

Balochistan Established 1 July 1970
Provincial Capital Quetta
Largest city Quetta
Area- Total 347,190 km2 (134,050.8 sq mi)
Provincial Assembly seats 65
Districts 30
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(NWFP) Established July 1, 1970
Capital Peshawar
Largest city Peshawar
Area-Total 74,521 km2 (28,772.7 sq mi)
Assembly seats 124
Districts 25
Punjab Established 1 July 1970

Capital Lahore
Largest city Lahore
Area Total 205,344 km2 (79,283.8 sq mi)

Assembly seats 371 (Including 66 for women and 8 for minorities)
Districts 36

First Person who received Nishan- Captain Raja Sarwar e-Haider
First Lady Major General in the Dr. Shahida Malik Pakistan Army
First Governor General of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam
First President of Pakistan Iskandar Mirza
First Prime minister of Pakistan Nawab Liaqat Ali Khan
First elected President of Pakistan Field Marshal Ayub Khan
First elected Prime Minister Z. A. Bhutto
First Vice President of Pakistan Nur-ul-Amin
First Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Sardar A. Rashid First Chief Justice Federal Shariat
court of Pakistan Justice Salahuddin Ahmad
First Chief Minister of Punjab Iftikhar Hussain Memdoot
First Chief Minister of Sindh Ayub Khoro
First Chief Minister of KPK Dr. Khan Sahib
First Chief Minister of Balochistan Sardar Atta ullah Mengal
First Governor of Punjab Sir Francis Moody
First Muslim Governor of Punjab Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar
First Governor of Sindh Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah
First Governor of Khyber Sir George
Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP) Cunningham
First Muslim Governor of Khyber Sahibzada Mohammad
Pakhtunkhwa Khurshid
First Governor of Balochistan Lt Gen Riaz Hussain
First Governor of Gilgit-Baltistan Shamma Khalid
First Joint chief of Staff committee General Muhammad Sharif
First Commander-in-chief of Army Gen.Frank Meservy
First Muslim Commander-in-chief G.M. Ayub Khan of Army
First Commander-in-chief of Air Air vice Marshal Allan
Force Perry Keene
First Muslim Commander-in-chief Air Marshal Asghar
of Air force Khan
First Commander-in-chief of Navy Rear Admiral James Wilfred Jefford
First Muslim Commander-in-chief Haji Muhammad
of Navy Sadique Chaudhry
First Cruise missile Hatf VII (Babur) August 11, 2005
First constitution of Pakistan was March 23, 1956 enforced
Second constitution of Pakistan was enforced 8 June 1962
Third constitution of Pakistan was 14 August 1973 enforced
First Foreign Minister of Pakistan Sir Zafarullah Khan
Chief Election commissioner of F.M. Khan Pakistan
First Chief Scout commissioner of Quaid-i-Azam Pakistan
First SOS village of Pakistan Lahore (1977)
Pakistan first private Channel STN (1990)
First Pakistan Postal stamp issued July 1948
First women Pilot in Pakistan Shukriya Khanam
First Secretary General of Pakistan Ch. Muhammad Ali
First Administrator of Karachi Syed Hasham Raza
First Chairman of senate Habib ullah Khan
President of first Constitution Quaid-e-Azam Assembly of Pakistan
First female deputy speaker in
Pakistan Begum Jahanara
First female member of Parliament Begum Shaista
Suhrawady Ikramullah
First female minister of education Begum Mahmooda
Salim Khan
First female minister of Population Dr. Attiya Inayatullah
First Pakistan minister of
information Syeda Abida Hussain
First female Pakistani minister of
finance Benazir Bhutto
First female minister of law and
human rights Shahida Jamil
First female “foreign ministry
spokesperson Tasleem Aslam
First private Airline of Pakistan Hajvery Airline
First public airline of Pakistan Orient Airline
First capital of Pakistan Karachi
First TV Station Lahore
First Nuclear reactor of Pakistan Karachi nuclear power
plant 1972
First Woman Judge of High Court
of Pakistan Majida Razvi
First Speaker of Constitution
Assembly Molvi Tameez ud Din
First Sports channel of Pakistan Super Geo
First Pakistani who received noble
Prize Dr. Abdus Salam (1979
in Physics)
First Pakistani who received Lenin
Prize Faiz Ahmad Faiz
First woman Prime Minister in
Pakistan Benazir Bhutto
Youngest Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto
First female Speaker of National
Assembly Fahmeeda Mirza
First Finance Minister of Pakistan Ghulam Muhammd
First Census in Pakistan 1951
First natural gas reserves were
discovered in Pakistan Sui (1952)
First time won the cricket world
up 1992
Pakistan’s First cabinet sworn August 15, 1947
First news agency of Pakistan APP
First Pakistani female athlete who Naseem Hameed
won gold medal in SAF Games
First state to join Pakistan Bahawalpur
First railway track Karachi and Kotri
First Five year plan of Pakistan 1955-1960
First Pakistani who climbed mount Nazir Sabir (2000)
First Pakistani who draw Pakistani Numira Saleem
flag in North pole
First emergency was declared in July 25, 1948
First rocket launched by Pakistan Rahbar
First missile launched by Pakistan Hat 70
First female Governor of Pakistan Begum Ra’an Liaqat
First Chief of staff of the Armed Gen. Tikka Khan
First Chief of staff of the Air Force Air Marshal Zaffar
First Chief of staff of the Navy Hafeez Ahmed


Larges Oil refinery Pak-Arab Oil refinery
Biggest mosque in Pakistan Faisal Mosque Islamabad
Tallest building of Pakistan Muslim commercial Bank
Building (Karachi)
Oldest forest of Pakistan Janipur (Found between
Loralai And Ziarat
Longest Motorway in M-8
Biggest Hockey Stadium of National Hockey Stadium
Pakistan Lahore
Biggest industry of Pakistan Textile
Biggest industrial unit in Pakistan Steel Mills
public sector
Longest railway tunnel in Khojak
Longest tunnel Lawari Tunnel
Province which have longest Baluchistan
Largest language Punjabi (48)
Pakistan’s largest museum Karachi museum
Biggest park in Pakistan Ayub National park
Larges Dam in Pakistan Terbela Dam
Largest Earth filled Dam in Terbela Dam
Oldest Nuclear reactor of Karachi nuclear power pant

Pakistan (19
Biggest fort of Pakistan Rani Kot Fort (Haiderabad)
Oldest fort of Pakistan Daraward Fort
Coldest place in Pakistan Skardu
Highest dam in Pakistan Mangla Dam
Highest glacier of Pakistan Siachen
Longest glacier of Pakistan Siachen
Largest Island of Pakistan Manora
Oldest Barrage of Pakistan Sukkur Barrage
Highest mountain peak K-2 (8611 meter or 28251)
Highest railway station of Khan Mehtarzai
Highest Road Sharah-e-Karakorm (Sharah
Oldest news agency of APP (Associate Press of
Pakistan Pakistan)

Biggest airport of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Airport
Biggest Commercial Bank of
Pakistan Habib Bank Limited
Biggest Barrage of Pakistan Sukkur Barrage (1932)
Oldest airline of Pakistan Orient Airline
Oldest private Airline of
Pakistan Hajvery Airline
Largest & longest river Indus (2896 Km) 1800
Biggest man-made lake found
in Pakistan Keenjhar Lake (Thatha)
Biggest natural lake in
Pakistan Manchar Lake (Dadu)
Pakistan’s largest Stock
Exchange Karachi
Highest pass Mustagh Pass (6000 meters)
Biggest Gas field Sui Gas field
Biggest hydroelectric power
station Tarbela Dam
Largest jungle of Pakistan Changa Manga
Highest military award Nishan-e-Haider
Highest civil award Nishan-e- Pakistan
The Longest Coastal area in Balochistan (771 kms long)
The Tallest Mountain Pass
Pakistan Muztagh Pass (Nothern
Areas) height 19,030 feet
The Tallest Mountain Peak
Pakistan K-2 (Karakoram) height
28,269 feet
The Tallest Railway Station
Pakistan Khan Mehtarzai (height
2,221 feet)
First Loin of Pakistan was
designed by Brandley
The area lowest rainfall in
Pakistan Nokkundi
The oldest Pakistani TV
Station in located in Lahore
Largest mobile company in
Pakistan Mobil ink
Largest sector of Pakistan’s
economy Agriculture sector
Largest Trade partner of
Pakistan USA
Lowest point below the sea
level in Pakistan Indian Ocean
Biggest Thermal power
station founded in Pakistan Kot Addou
Biggest export item in
Pakistan Textile (Cotton)
Highest rainfall area of
Pakistan Murree
Largest min excavated in
Pakistan Salt mines Khewra
Largest stadium of athletics
of Pakistan Islamabad
Highest population density
rate in Pakistan Islamabad
Lowest population density
rate in Pakistan Chaghi district
Largest seaport of Pakistan Karachi
Largest radio station in
Pakistan Islamabad
Highest radio station in
Pakistan Gilgit
Longest road in Pakistan Pakistan Highway
Largest Division of Pakistan Kalat
Smallest Division of Pakistan Karachi
Shortest river of Pakistan Ravi River
Largest Canal of Pakistan Llovd Barrage Canal
Largest Hospital in Pakistan Nishtar Hospital
Largest mausoleum in Quaid-e-Azam Tomb,

Jinnah the creator of Pakistan Hector Bolitho
Thoughts on Pakistan Dr. Ambedkar
Myth of independence & Great Tragedy Z. A. Bhutto
Foreign Policy of Pakistan Z. A. Bhutto
Evolution of Pakistan Sharif-Ud-Din Pirzada
Foundation of Pakistan Sharif-Ud-Din Pirzada
Quaid –e-Azam Jinnah. The story of a Nation G. Allana
Our Freedom Fighters G. Allana
Emergence of Pakistan M. A. Choudhry

India wins Freedom
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Mission with Mountbatton
Cambell Johnson

The Making of Pakistan
K.K. Aziz

Medieval India
Lane Poole

Divide and Quit
Moon, Penderal

Five Thousand Years of Pakistan
R. E. M. Wheeler

Towards Pakistan

Now or Never
Ch. Rehmat Ali

Pakistan the Heart of Asia
Liaquat Ali Khan

Incomplete Partition
Alastair Lamb

My Last day with Quaid
Ilahi Bux

The Sole Spokesman
Aysha Jalal

A New History of Pakistan
K. Ali

3469. What was Red Rum? Race Horse
3470. Which is the saltiest Ocean? Pacific Ocean
3471. Genesis is a last book of Bible.
3472. Rubber Tree is known as Crying Tree.
3473. Amazon River Originates in Peru.
3474. India House is situated in London.
3475. Pufferfish poisonous fish is a favourite food in Japan.
3476. Dennis Tito is the first tourist in space.

Of the various agencies related to the United Nations, the one that has the longest period is
Universal Postal Union
3478. The chief administrative office of the UNO, which co-ordinates and supervises the  activities of the UNO, is the secretariat
3479. French line of fortification built in 1934, along the German border from Switzerland to Belgium was called Maginot Line
3480. What is ORBIS? Mobile Eye Hospital
3481. Muslim Students Federation (MSF) was established in 1937 by Raja Sahib of Mehmud Abad.
3482. Burkina Faso is the new name of Upper Volta
3483. The iron and steel industries of which of the following countries are almost fully dependent  on imported raw materials? Japan
3484. Mount Blanc Mountain is present in: France
3485. Tasmania separated from Australia by: Bass Strait
3486. The wonder of the world ‘Taj Mahal’ is situated in the Indian state of:- Uttar Pradesh
3487. International Anti Corruption day is observed on 9th December
3488. International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is observed every year on
29th November
3489.  Burj Khalifa is the Tallest Building in the World has 162 stories, 828 meters or 2,717 feet in height and was constructed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, inaugurated on 4th Jan: 2010.
3490. NRO was promulgated on oct 5 2007 and has 7 sections.
3491. Tapaimukh Dam issue is between India & Bangladesh.
3492. Mao movement is connected with Naxalites (India).
3493. Black Widow is a rebellious gang in Assam.
3494. Dal Lake is in occupied Kashmir.
3495. Mother Tressa belonged to Albania and came to India in 1951. She died on Sep:5,
1997 and is burried at Kolkata.
3496. Sunda strait separates Sumatra from Java Island.
3497. Buckingham palace is the residence of British king and Queen is in London.
3498. The foundation stone of the sikhism’s holiest place “Golden Tample” at Amritsar was laid by
Hazrat Mian Mir
3499. Great Wall of China was built in the reign of Shih Huang-ti.
3500. Istana Merdeke is the official residence of President of Indonesia.
3501. Cuba’s leader does not have an official residence.
4103. The first chairman of Senate after its creation was Khan Habibullah Khan. 4104. ‘Khojak Pass’ connects Qila Abdullah and Chaman.
4105. Johnson is the first president of America who faced an impeachment trial in the constitutional history of USA.

4106. Under 1956 constitution, for the first time, the president was given the power to opiont the prime minister at his own discretion.

4107. Under 1962 constitution, ‘Basic Democracy System’ served as an electoral college
for the election of the president, central and provincial legislatures.

4108. Senate, under 1973 constitution, is a permanent chamber which cannot be dissolved and its one-third members shall be replaced after every three years.

4109. Proclamation of Emergency on account of war of internal disturbances has been laid down  in Article 232 of the constitution of 1973.

4110. South of the Kabul River up to Kurram Pass lies the Koh-e-Safeid.

4111. The Geneva Pact was signed on April14, 1988 between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

4112. ‘Hiran Minar’ was a favourite hunting ground of Emperor Jehangir.
4113. Bay of Biscay is situated between France and Spain.
4114. Mohammad bin Tughlaq ruler is referred to as the ‘Mad Monarch’.
4115. Austin said these words “Law is a Command of Sovereign, enforceable with sanction”.
4116. Nasir-ud-Din-Mahmud was the last ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate.
4117. Shams-ud-din Iltutmish Sultans of the slave Dynasty reigned for the longest period.
4118. Battle of tarain was fought between Muhammad ghauri and raja pirthavi in 1192 AD
4119. China’s parliament has the largest membership
4120. February will have 30 days after 400 years
4121. Prince suleman al masood was first muslim who traveled in space
4122. Exxon is largest oil company in the world
4123. Rahbar was first rocket launched by Pakistan
4124. The country with minimum birth rate is Sweden
4125. Highest life expectancy in Japan
4126. First pc made in 1970 called Altair
4127. China joined UN in 1946 and Afghanistan in 1946
4128. Under water frogs breathe through their skin (cutenious).
4129. Which famous author penned the words, “To be or not to be…”? – William
4130. Why do birds migrate? – To reach food and breeding grounds 4131. Which language has the most words? – English

5353. Pristine is the capital of Kosovo.
5354. To show the distribution of people of Pakistan we should use ‘Do method’.
5355. Hieroglyphics is the script of Nile Civilization.
5356. General Sherman is a living old tree in California State of U.S.
5357. After persistent decay, radium would be finally changed into Lead.
5358. Grand Canyon National Park in U.S.A. is located in the State of Arizona.
5359. Marseilles is the seaport of France.
5360. Who wrote ‘Muslim Sufferings under Congress Rule’:Maulvi Fazlul Haq.
5361. Sindh Sagar is between the rivers of: Indus and Jhelum.
5362. Nanga Parbat is commonly known as: Killer mountain.
5363. Who invented CD. (Compact Disc: James T. Russell.
5364. Videotape used in camcorders to record audio and video signal employee Fine grains of
Iron oxide.
5365. The real brother of Hazrat Yousuf A.S was Bin-Yamin.
5366. Taliban movement in Afghanistan emerged from Kandhar.
5367. Largest coal deposits have been discovered in which Taluka of Sindh Province:
5368. Diplo.
5369. Nubian Monuments are located in Egypt.
5370. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto became first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan on
5371. December 2, 1988.
5372. How many planets are is solar system? 8
5373. Which cell does not have a nucleus? RBC
5374. Abusive Drug Which Cells Of Body Most Effected? Brain
5375. Who killed Abu-Jahal? Maaz & Mauz
5376. Pakistan Falls in? Golden Triangle
5377. On US map Alaska State is on? Away from mainland
5378. In English Dictionary Which Word Has Largest Words? S
5379. What are Capital goods? Goods used for further production
5380. Horse is the Chinese name given to the year 2000.
5381. Pollen is produced in a part of the flower called the Calyx.
5382. After drinking contaminated water you would be most apt to develop symptoms of ‘typhoid
5383. Panini was a great scholar of Sanskrit language.
5384. Hundred years war fought between France and Britain during 1338-1453.
5385. Wenceslas square is in Prague.
5386. The first Afro-Asian conference held in April 1955.
5387. Hot money is said for money which moves from one place to another to seek profit or
high rate of interest.
5388. Liver receives blood from the alimentary canal through hepatic portal vein.
5389. At the equator, the equation of the day is 12 hours.
5390. Singapore city is known as ‘lion city’.
5391. The chemical name of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate.
5392. Pharaoh is the title of the king of ancient Egypt.
5393. The largest city of South Africa is Cape Town.


5394. After joining congress, Muslim League joined the interim government in October
5395. 1946.
5396. The Bofors scandal occurred in India.
5397. Czar is the title used by the ruler of Russia from 1547 to 1721.
5398. Gorgon is a terrible monster of Greek mythology.
5399. The reduction or elimination of inflation is called creeping inflation.
5400. Indira Gandhi was the famous PM who first used the popular slogan ‘gharibi hatao’.
5401. A pair of scissors is an example of a lever.
5402. Pair of doors belongs to the second class of lever.
5403. During the winter months 90% of fallen leaves are taken underground by earth worm.
5404. Dick Turpin was a highway man.
5405. Four US presidents are so far assassinated.
5406. Incident ‘Boston Tea Party’ took place in America.
5407. Initially, Arab league has seven countries.
5408. Timbola is a kind of lottery.
5409. Sir William Howard Russell was the first Great War correspondent.
5410. A meteorological term for a high pressure is called anticyclone.
5411. Zenda vesta is a holy book of parsis.
5412. Islamic summit Minar is erected in Lahore.
5413. Privatization program began in Pakistan is 1991.
5414. Spirograph is an apparatus used for recording the movement of the lungs.
5415. Chomas festival is held in Kalash valley near Chitral.
5416. Defense day is celebrated in Pakistan since 1966.
5417. Name of a famous mosque in Beijing is Niujie Mosque.
5418. Flag flown at half mast means national mourning.
5419. Maginot line divides France from Germany.
5420. Declaration of human rights was adopted on 10th December, 1948.
5421. Olive branch is a sign of peace.
5422. Cox orange pippen is a biological name of an apple.
5423. Afghanistan was known as Ariana.

The first European scientist, who refuted the belief that the earth was the centre of the
universe, was Copernicus.
5425. Prior to independence, Ghana was called ‘Gold Coast’.
5426. Tanzania was formed by the unification of two countries, Tanganyika and
5427. Zanzibar.
5428. Drinker’s apparatus is for measuring the amount of Alcohol in the blood.
5429. Dewar’s flask is called as thermos.
5430. Chief food of mosquito larva is micro organism found in water.
5431. Chief food of butterfly larva is leaves of plants.
5432. Clinical thermometer usually measures in Fahrenheit.
5433. If a green leaf is seen in a red light its color will be black.
5434. Roots absorb water from soil which is Hygroscopic.
5435. Legumes increase the fertility of the soil by adding nitrogen to the soil.
5436. New varieties of organisms can be brought about by hybridization.

5692. FIFA established in Paris on May 21, 1904.
5693. Grand slam is the title associated with Pete Sampras.
5694. Michael Chang (USA) is the youngest to win the title of grand slam. 5695. The title “Oval Hero” is with Fazal Muhammad.
5696. The sports man Kasparvo is associated with Chess. 5697. Modern summer Olympic were held in Greece in 1896. 5698. Olympic held every 4 years.
5699. Hockey became Olympic event in 1908. Pakistan took part in 1948 in London. 5700. 1st world cup hockey 1971 at Barcelona (Spain).
5701. Hockey world cup held every 4 year.
5702. First world cup cricket 1975, won by West Indies.
5703. India won world cup cricket in 1983 by beating West Indies. 10 countries have test status. 5704. First test mach was played in 1877 between Australia and England.
5705. First One day match between Australia and England in Jan 5, 1971. 5706. First word cup football 1930, Uruguay, and won by Uruguay.
5707. 1942 world cup football cup did not hold due to Second World War. 5708. Spain is the current Olympic footfall champion.
5709. In cricket batsman can be out by 10 ways.
5710. First three world cup crickets were played with 60 over.
5711. Rocky Morciono only heavy weight boxer remained unbeaten throughout his career. 5712. Lowest test match inning is 26 by New Zealand.
5713. Highest no of one-days are played at Sharjah Cricket Ground.
5714. The champion trophy hockey tournament was introduced by Pakistan in year 1978. 5715. Davis cup is for tennis.
5716. Thomas cup badminton is for men only. 5717.  Each team in volleyball consists of 6 players.
5718. Modern Olympic Games were first held in Athens. 5719. Lowest total in one day cricket is 36 by Canada. 5720. Tennis player steffi graf belongs to Germany.
5721. First modern Olympic games were held in 1896 in Athens. 5722. First women competed in Olympic games in 1912.
5723. The number of countries which participated in the first Olympic Games held at Athens was  Nine
5724. Who owns The Oval cricket ground- Prince Charles
5725. Who among the following batsmen achieved the feat of hitting six 6s in one over for the first time in international cricket during the World Cup 2007 Herschelle Gibbs
5726. The Honourable Usain St. Leo Bolt, born 21 August 1986), is a Jamaican sprinter and a five- time World and three-time Olympic gold medalist. He is the world record and Olympic record holder in the 100 metres, the 200 metres and (along with his teammates) the 4×100 metres relay. He is the reigning Olympic champion in these three events.
1. First cricket cup was played in England in 1974.
5727. First Asian Games were held in New Delhi in 1951. From 1954 they were held every four years.
5728. Baron Pierre de Coubertin was founder of the modern Olympic Games. 5729. Bunting is a term in the game of Baseball.

5730. Grand Master is a term in Chess.
5731. Grand Slam is a term in sports associated with Bridge as well as Lawn Tennis.
5732. Martina Hingis (born 30 September 1980) is a retired Swiss professional tennis player who
spent a total of 209 weeks as World No. 1. She won five Grand Slam singles titles (three Australian Opens, one Wimbledon, and one US Open). She also won nine Grand Slam women’s doubles titles, winning a calendar year doubles Grand Slam in 1998, and one Grand Slam mixed doubles title.
5733. Olympic Games were held twice in Paris and London.
5734. The term “Stalemate” is related to the game of Chess.
5735. Term ‘butterfly’ associated with ? Swimming
5736. How many rings on the Olympic flag: Five
5737. Who ran the first marathon: Phidipedes
5738. How is the Olympic torch lit- By the sun in Greece
5739. Tour De France is French cycle race.
5740. Footballer Zaidane originally belongs to which country? Marseille, France


5741. Spleen is called the graveyard of Red Blood Cells.
5742. Oxgen Gas was discovered by Priestly.
5743. Dr. James Waston discovered the structure of DNA in 1953.
5744. Cell for the first time was discovered by Robert Hook.
5745. “Debugging” is the process of locating and fixing or bypassing bug s (errors) in computer
program code or the engineering of a hardware device.
5746. ‘Claustrophobia” is defined as the fear of enclosed spaces.
5747. “Brass” is an alloy of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties.
5748. “Bronze” is a metal alloy consisting primarily of copper, usually with tin as the main additive. 5749. Vitamin C (also callead Ascorbic Acid) is a powerful antioxidant, and aids in the production of
collagen, and stimulates the immune system. Vitamin C is essential for appetite. 5750. “Soda Water” serves as a primary remedy for upset stomach.
5751. Normal arterial blood pH is 7.40, with a range of about 7.36-7.44. Blood pH
5752. depends on carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration and bicarbonate (HCO3) concentration.
5753. The main constituent of Sui Gas is Methane.
5754. Agoraphobia is the fear of open or public places. “Agraphia” is the inability to write.  Acrophobia is the fear of heights. Aerophobia is a fear of flying, Apiphobia is a fear of what? Bees. Cyberphobia is the fear of computers or working on a computer.and acrophobia a fear of Heights.

5755. A CPU( cache) is a cache used by the central processing unit of a computer to reduce the average time to access memory. The cache is a smaller, faster memory which stores copies of the data from the most frequently used main memory locations.
5756. “Dry ice” is a Solid Carbon Dioxide.
5757. Chemically diamond is a Pure Carbon.
5758. Gas is use in Fire Cylinders CO2.(CO2 is use for extinguishing fire)
5759. Sulphuric Acid is use in the car batteries.
5760. ‘Parkinson’ is adisease of Brain.
5761. The normal pulse beat of a human body is between 72—80.
5762. An instrument designed for testing the purity of milk is called Lactometer.
5763. “Autopsy” is the Post-Mortem examination of a body.
5764. “Lexicography” is the branch of science which deals with the process of writing dictionaries.
5765. Speed of Sound in Air 331 m/s.

Red Colour has largest and Blue colour has shortest Wavelength.

“Pomology” is the study and cultivation of fruit.

Logarithm tables were invented by John Napier

Fish is the Best source of protein.

5770. Most commonly used bleaching agent is chlorine 5771. The chief constituent of gobar gas is methane.
5772. The frequency of which of the following is the highest? Radio waves 5773. “Charles Drew” was the first pioneered the idea of a blood bank.
5774.   Kidneys organ of the body purifies the blood. 5775. Skin is highly affected by the nuclear radiation first.
5776. Radio waves travel with almost the velocity of Light. 5777. Diamond is the hardest mineral.
5778. Life history of human malaria parasite in Anopheles was first described  by Ronald Ross

5779. The distance between the earth and the sun is smallest in the month of January. 5780. Green vegetables are a good source of Minerals and Vitamins.
5781. One metric ton is equal to 1000 kg, or 2204 pounds.
5782. One square foot is equal to144 sq inches and 1 meter is equal to 3.28 foot.One nautical  mile is equal to 6080.
5783. “Monometer” is an instrument for measuring Gaseous Pressure.
5784. Atmospheric pressure at sea level is 760 mm
5785. The acceleration caused by gravity per second is 32 feet.
5786. 1 Inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters.
5787. Silicon is called the “Earth maker”.
5788. When a disease occurs over a large area of earth’s surface at one time, it is called Epidemic
5789. The area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Trpic of Capricorn, where the sun is vertically overhead at some point of the year is called The Torrid zone.
5790. Deficiency of Vitamin C causes Scurvy.
5791. What does Angstrom measure? Speed of ships
5792. The scientist who first discovered that the earth revolves round the sun was
5793. “Digital Computer” was invented by Howard Alken.
5794. Wood is the least conducter of electricity.
5795. “Cryptography” deals with the study of secret writing.
5796. What is laughing gas? Nitrous Oxide
5797. The element common to all acids is Hydrogen.
5798. Diamond is an allotropic form of Carbon.
5799. Earth revolves around the sun from? West to east 5800. Philately is the science of stamp collection.
5801. Hydrometer is used for specific gravity of liquid. 5802. Which vitamin easily prepared in body? vitamin D 5803. Which gas is commonly used in balloons? Helium
5804. The most abundant element in earth curst is Oxygen (O) 46.6% and silican is the second abudent element of earth and silican is called earth maker.
5805. One horse power is equal to 746 watt.
5806. Which colour phosphorus used in matches? Red 5807. Oldest known element? Copper
5808. Which shape of carbon is used in lead pencils? Graphite 5809. Artificial silk is called rayon.
5810. Basic component of paper is wood.
5811. The bar is a unit of pressure equal to 100 kilopascals and roughly equal to  the  atmospheric pressure on Earth at sea level.
5812. Light year is the unit of distance.It is the distance that light can travel in one year. A light year is equal to 9.46 trillion kilometers.
5813. Largest organ of the body is Skin and largest gland is Liver. 5814. Kidney disease due to overdose of vitamin c.
5815. CPU is an abbreviation of Central Processing Unit. 5816. Cusec is unit of water flow.
5817. ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. 5818. Mirage is an example of refraction of Light. 5819. Sound travels fastest in Glass.
5820. The gravitational force on the body is called as Weight.
5821. Most astronomers believe that origin of the Universe is Big Bang Theory. 5822. Hepatitis and jaundice are the diseases of Liver.
5823. Neon gas is used in decoration lighting.
5824. Creature having both male and female organs is known as Hermaphrodite.
5825. A low area storm with high winds rotating about a center of low atmospheric pressure is called Cyclone.
5826. The first Muslim scientist who presented the law of reflection and refraction isIbn-ul- Haitham.
5827. The difference in the duration of day and night increases as one move from Equator to poles.
5828. Solar system was discovered by Nicolaus Copernicus. 5829. RAM stands for Random Access Memory.
5830. Richest source of Vitamin D is cod liver oil. 5831. 1sq cm is equal to how many square mm? 100
5832. 1 milligram gold is equal to how many milligrams? 1000
5833. We are saved from ultraviolet rays of sun through? Ozone Layer 5834. Vitamin K helps in blood clotting.
5835. Iron metabolism in the human body is helpful for Haemoglobin and blood is red due to hemoglobin.
5836. In how many groups the living organisms that have back bone, are divided? 5 groups
5837. Vitamins C not stored in human body and lack of vitamin c create skin disease. 5838. Art and science of growing flowers, fruit and vegetables is called Horticulture. 5839. What did Sir Isaac Pitman invent? A form of shorthand
5840. “Dactyliography” is the study of finger prints.
5841. “Etymology” is the study of origin and history of words.
5842. “Plague” is a disease, which spreads by rat.
5843. “Choreography” is the art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form,  or both are specified. Choreography may also refer to the design itself, which is sometimes expressed by means of dance notation.
5844. Newton discovered that every applied force has an equal reaction.
5845. When heavy unstable elements split into relatively smaller elements along with the release of energy is called fission.
5846. Protein is present in the highest amount in a human body. 5847. ‘Bicycle’ was invented by Macmillan
5848. “Amino Acid” is the smallest unit of Protein.
5849. How many pairs of ribs are there in the human body? 12.
5850. A cataract is a clouding that develops in the crystalline lens of the eye or in its envelope (lens capsule), varying in degree from slight to complete opacity and obstructing the passage of light.
5851. Ice melting at poles is because of Ozone depletion. Afforestation stands for planting of new Trees.
5852. “Marie Curie” was a physicist and chemist famous for her pioneering research on radioactivity. She was the first person honored with two Nobel Prizes—in physics and chemistry.
5853. On boiling egg hardens which indicates the presence of Protein. 5854. Abusive drugs damage cells of Brain.
5855. In modern television Cathode Ray Tube is replaced with Transistor.
5856. Acupuncture is a type of alternative medicine that treats patients by insertion and manipulation of solid, generally thin needles in the body.this medical treatment was found in China.
5857. “Stainless Steel” contains chromium, Iron and corban.
5858. Red blood cells have no nucleus
5859. Pain in ears when aeroplane goes down because of High Air pressure.
5860. The maximum limit of sound beyond which a person can become deaf is 129 db.
5861. Natural gas effect on our lungs because, it is harmful for human being. When ever we inhale carbon monoxide its poisonous and human body feeling illness. Its very dangrous when ever natural gas leak some where repair or block this leakage its very harmfull for human body and childrens as well.
5862. The tiny air sacs in the lungs tissues are called Aliveoli.
5863. The quantity of charge that is stored in a condenser is measured in Coulombs and SI unit of pressure is Pascal.
5864. The deficiency of Viamin E causes sterility in men and women.
5865. A xerophyte or xerophytic organism is a plant that has adapted to survive in  an  environment that lacks water, such as a desert.
5866. A halophyte is a plant that grows where it is affected by salinity in the root area or by salt spray, such as in saline semi-deserts, mangrove swamps, marshes and sloughs, and seashores.

5867. An epiphyte is a plant that normally grows on another plant for support. It is not parasitic, but uses the host plant for support only.
5868. Anthophobia is the fear of flower. Xenophobia is the dislike or fear of people from other countries.
5869. Photophobia is the extreme sensitivity to light.
5870. “Herpes” is a disease caused by a herpes virus, affecting the skin or the nervous system.

5871. “Erythrocyte” is a red blood cell ( typically a biconcave disc without a nucleus) that contains
the pigment hemoglobin and transports oxygen and carbindioxide to and from the tissues.
5872. “Leucocyte” is a colourless cell which circulates in the blood and body fluids and is
involved in counter acting foreign substances and disease ; a white blood cell.
5873. “Isobar” a line on a map connecting points having the same atmospheric pressure. 5874. “Pneumonia” is a lung infection in which the air-sacs fill with pus.
5875. “Leprosy” is a contagious bacterial disease that affects the skin, mucous membranes and nerves, causing discoloration and humps on the skin and, in severe cases, disfigurement and deformities.

5876. “Lithophytes” are a type of plant that grows in or on rocks. Lithophytes feed off  moss, nutrients in rain water, litter, and even their own dead tissue.

5877. Gunpowder is a mixture of sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate (nitre). When water is added to the mixture potassium nitrate dissolves.

5878. A black hole is a region of spacetime from which nothing, not even light, can escape.

5879. Rabies (Hydrophobia) is a disease recognized by Insane Dog biting. It effect on the Central Nervous system.
5880. Pneumonia affects the respiratory system.
5881. “Cooking gas” is a mixture of Butane and Propane.
5882. Iron articles rust because of the formation of a mixture of ferrous and ferric hydroxide. 5883. “Chlorination” is the process of adding the element chlorine to water as a method of
water purification to make it fit for human consumption as drinking water. 5884. Sulphur is mixed with the rubber to make it more flexible.
5885. Dysentery is an intestinal inflammation, especially in the colon, that can lead to severe diarrhea with mucus or blood in the feces.
5886. Vibrio cholerae is a Gram-negative, comma-shaped bacterium. Some strains of V. cholerae
cause the disease cholera.
5887. “Thanatophobia” is an extreme and irrational fear of death.
5888. “Psoriasis” is a common skin condition that causes skin redness and irritation.
5889. “Hippocratic Oath” is an oath historically taken by physicians and other healthcare professionals swearing to practise medicine ethically. It is widely believed to have been written by Hippocrates, often regarded as the father of western medicine, or by one of his students.


1 80

5890. Microphone is used to convert sound waves into electrical energy. 5891. Penicillin is widely used as an antibiotic
5892. The air we inhale is mixture of gases. Which of the following gases in the mixture is highest in percentage? Nitrogen
5893. The average thickness of the earth’s crust is 32km.
5894. The substances human body produces to fight against disease germs are called Antibodies.
5895. The distance of place south or north of Equator is called Latitude.
5896. “Aboriculture” is a science of the cultivation, management, and study of individual
trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants. 5897. “Vitamin E” is present in egg.
5898. Which of the following animals can hear ultrasonic sound? Bat 5899. SIM stands for Subscriber identity Module.
5900. The energy generation in stars is due to Fusion of light nuclei. 5901. Martin Cooper is known for his invention of Mobile Phone.
5902. The law of floating bodies was discovered by greek scientist Archimedes.
5903. First human heart transplant operation conducted by Dr. Christian Bernard on Louis Washkansky, was conducted in 1967
5904. Exposure to sunlight helps a person improve his health because the ultraviolet rays convert skin oil into Vitamin D
5905. The ozone layer restricts Ultraviolet radiation
5906. Eugenics is the study of altering human beings by changing their genetic components
5907. Ecology deals with Relation between organisms and their environment. 5908. Filaria is caused by Mosquito.
5909. If speed of rotation of the earth increases, weight of the body decreases 5910. Fathometer is used to measure Ocean depth
5911. Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit was a German Physicist ; developed the mercury thermometer in 1714 ; devised temperature scale
5912. Who discovered penicillin? Alexander Fleming. 5913. “Entymology” is the study of Insects.
5914. In Algebra and mathematics who is credited with the originating the Binomial Theorem by Omar-i-Khayyam.
5915. Nitrogen gas is used in electric bulb. 5916. One US barrel is equal to 159 litres.
5917. Quicklime is an alkaline powder obtained by strongly heating which other material? Chalk.
5918. What is the name of the milky fluid obtained from trees which is used to produce rubber?  Latex.
5919. Which is the only mammal with the power of active flight? Bat.
5920. Which lower level of clouds are commonly called ‘rain clouds’? Nimbus.
5921. Which medical specialty is concerned with the problems and illnesses of children? Pediatrics.
5922. What name is given to the stiffening of the body after death? Rigor mortis. 5923. The name of which Roman god means ‘shining father’ in Latin? Jupiter.
5924. What is the central colour of a rainbow? Green.
5925. What part of the body consists of the duodenum, the jejunum and the ileum? Small intestine.
5926. What, in internet terminology, does SMTP stand for? Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. 5927. What, in internet terminology, does FTP stand for? File Transfer Protocol.
5928. What is the art of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals to make lifelike  models called? Taxidermy.
5929. What is the technical name for abnormally high blood presure? Hypertension. 5930. What part of eye is responsible for its color? The iris.

5931. What is the second planet from the sun? Venus.

5932. Which gas used in advertising signs has the symbol Ne? Neon.

5933. In medicine, which is the most widespread parasitic infection? Malaria.

5934. What causes earthquakes? Earthquakes occur when energy stored within the Earth, usually in the form of strain in rocks, suddenly releases. This energy is transmitted to the surface of the Earth by earthquake waves.
5935. What is Galaxy? Galaxy, a massive ensemble of hundreds of millions of stars,  all gravitationally interacting, and orbiting about a common center. Astronomers
5936. estimate that there are about 125 billion galaxies in the universe. All the stars visible to
the unaided eye from Earth belong to Earth’s galaxy, the Milky Way.
5937. What is an anemometer? Anemometer (Greek anemos, “wind”; metron, “measure”), an instrument that measures wind speed.
5938. What is paleontology? Paleontology, study of prehistoric animal and plant life through the analysis of fossil remains.
5939. How far is the sun from earth? the average distance from Earth is 150 million km (93 million miles).
5940. What was the first creature to travel in space? The Soviet Union also launched the first living creature, a dog named Laika, into space on November 3, 1957.
5941. What is dry ice? Solid carbon dioxide, known as dry ice, is widely used as a refrigerant. Its cooling effect is almost twice that of water ice; its special advantages are that it does not melt as a liquid but turns into gas, and that it produces an inert atmosphere that reduces bacterial growth.
5942. The origin of earth dates back to approximately? 4.6 billion year
5943. The dates on which day and night is equal are? 21st march and 23rd september Haematite is an ore of iron.
5944. Earth completes one rotation on its axis in? 23 hours 56 mints and 4.9 sec   Which of the following gases is most predominant in the sun? Hydrogen The coldest planet is Neptune.
5945. The Cornea of the eyes is the only part of body without blood supply. 5946. The Average weight of man’s brain is 4.8 ounces.
5947. The Average weight of woman’s brain is 4.4 ounces.
5948. The most common element in the atmosphere is Nitrogen (N), which is present at 78.08 percent by volume and 75.52 percent by mass.
5949. The most common element in the universe is Hydrogen (H), according for 90 percent of all known matter in the universe, and68 percent by mass in the Solar System.
5950. Radium was discovered by Mario Curie Pierre Curie. Railway Engine was invented by Stephenson.
5951. The largest bone of human body is Thigh Bone.
5952. The proportion of water in human body is about 85%. (Blood in Human Body 5-6 Liter 10 % of total volume )
5953. Cockroach is considered as the ancient insect of the world.
5954. “Rickets” is a disease of the bones ( due to deficiency of Vitamin D ). 5955. Sound will travel fastest in Solids.
5956. Lack of oxygen at high altitude produces bleeding 5957. chronometer is used to measure time while on ship.
5958. Dental enamel is the hardest thing present in a human body. 5959. The density of a liquid is measured by Hydrometer.
5960. ‘Fathom’ is the unit of measurement of depth. 5961. Iron is the most widely used metal.
5962. A human body has 236 joints. (206 bones , new baby contains 300). There are 24 ribs in a human body.
5963. A colour blind person cannot distinguish between Red and Green. 5964. Hippocrates is considered as the father of Medicine.
5965.  Platinum is the costliest metal in the world.
5966. The main component of a TV is a cathode ray tube. 5967. A man breathes 17 to18 times in a minute.
5968. The breathing rate is controlled by the medulla.
5969. The only metal which is liquid at ordinary temperature is Aluminium. 5970. In the normal composition of human body oxygen is 64 percent.
5971. The use of fingerprints for identification purposes was first proposed by the British scientist Sir Francis Galton.
5972. Who invented ‘Printing Press’? Gutenberg
5973. Who invented ‘Television’? John L. Baird
5974. Who was the inventor of ‘mercury thermometer’? Fahrenheit
5975. Albert Einstein presented ‘theory of relativity’.
5976. Insulin was invented by F. Banting. 5977. Who discovered ‘X-rays’? Roentgen
5978. Dr. Alfred Bernhard Nobel discovered Dynamite
5979. ‘Law of gravitation’ was introduced by Sir Isaac Newton 5980. ‘Vaccination for smallpox’ was discovered by Jenner 5981. Who discovered ‘Oxygen’? Priestley Joseph
5982. What is the scientific name of man? Homo sapiens 5983. Polio, AIDS and Measles are caused by Virus
5984. T.B., leprosy , whooping cough and diphtheria are caused by Bacteria 5985. Lack of vitamin B can cause Beri Beri
5986. Goiter is caused by Deficiency of Iodine
5987. Man eat both plants and animals so called Omnivore 5988. Pepsin produced in stomach digests the Proteins 5989. Bile is secreted by Liver
5990. Blood sugar level is controlled by hormone called Insulin 5991. DNA double helix model was given by Watson and Crick 5992. Who gave the theory of evolution? Darwin
5993. Pituitary glands are located on Brain 5994. Tears are produced by Lachrymal glands 5995. In human eye image is formed at Retina 5996. Lemon contains vitamin C vitamin
5997. What is diploid number of man’s chromosome? 46
5998. A patient is put to Dialysis, when he or she suffers from Kidney ailment 5999. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is infected by Virus 6000. A universal donor has blood group is O (reciepter A&B)
6001. Kangaroo is native animal of Australia



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